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  1. Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria
  2. Applications must be completed, signed and include the following documents:
  3. Application letter to the Program Officer, UI-MEPI-J
  4. Outline of mentoring plan
  5. Letter of support by the Head of Department (or direct supervisor) with assurance of at least 20% protected time for the work.
  6. Research project title page
  7. Abstract describing the research (500 words or less)
  8. Biosketch in new NIH format of the Investigator and Mentor(s)

(See for more details)

  1. Research Plan
  2. Specific aims (1/2 page)
  3. Background and Significance (not more than 5pages)

iii. Preliminary Data (if available)

  1. Experimental Design and Methodology (maximum of 5 pages): Describe the design, data collection methods, analytical plan, and data management plan, as relevant.
  2. Dissemination plan
  3. References: List all references cited in the research plan
  4. Plan for Protection of Human Subjects: Describe the risks/benefits to the study participants, your method of collecting informed consent (as relevant), and your plans to safeguard the patient’s information.

vii. Timeline

  1. Budget: The budget should cover the activities for the 2-years period [EXCLUDING salary support, international travel, up to 3 months abroad, bench/field assistant, workshop/conference attendance fees, or indirect costs (facilities and administrative costs)].
  2. Budget justification: The justification must include a detailed explanation for the expenses requested in the budget. Describe the role of each person listed under personnel.
  3. Description of participation in previous MEPIN training programs/mentored research training or any other previous research training activities.
  4. Future Research plan: A brief explanation of how the award of this funds will enhance opportunities for conducting future research or acquiring other funding.
  5. Letters of support from mentor indicating the mentor’s commitment to serve in this role for the proposed research.
  6. Evidence of completing a MEPIN CITI Course (Certificate). Follow the direction bellow to register and take the MEPI CITI course. This is a mandatory requirement for this program.

Google CITI home page ( →click register now→ select MEPIN as participating institution →proceed to create your password and complete registration →take course/exam and print certificate

  1. Personal Information page:
  2. Mentor: Name, departmental contact address, email(s), phone number(s), MEPIN CITI number
  3. Mentee: Name, departmental contact address, email(s), phone number(s), MEPIN CITI number

iii. Thematic area of interested.

Submission of application: Applications should be submitted in a single pdf document to


Application closing date: Friday 27 October 2017.


All applications will be evaluated by the MEPIN Research Review Committee. Evaluation will be based on: investigator ability, scientific merit, relevance, and potential for generating subsequent funding and publications. We encourage applications in areas related to basic, clinical, and/or epidemiological approaches to the priority areas of this program.

Reviewers will provide a written evaluation of the application along with a numerical score. The reviews and scores will be taken into consideration in the final funding decisions.

Reporting Requirements

Investigators are required to notify the selection committee in writing of significant changes in the focus of the research, conduct of the research plan, or changes in budgeting plans during the course of the project.

An interim progress report is due at 6 months, to both the review committee and the mentor. The interim progress reports must include a statement on the progress to date, copy of final approval letters (e.g. IRB approval), and additional collaborations.

Within 30 days of completing the project, the investigator must submit a final progress report stating preliminary scientific findings, a report of any possible research applications that are built out of the project, and any publications that resulted from the pilot project. The investigator will be required to give an oral presentation to the MEPIN research review committee on the details of their research work and their subsequent findings at the conclusion of the project.


 For more enquiry email: or call 022912177